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(Re)Considering and Supporting Home-Based Learning is a Course

(Re)Considering and Supporting Home-Based Learning

Ended Jul 25, 2020

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Full course description

With the sudden stay-home orders across the country, children's learning was abruptly shifted from school to home.  Some schools sent home packets of learning activities and assignments, others created virtual spaces and online resources and tools. This shifting of school work to home has foregrounded deep inequalities in resources and contexts, and has created pressures on families and children who are having to deal in a variety of ways with Covid-19, as well as teachers, to try to stuff school instruction into new formats and tools. This workshop, led by Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Amber Davis, and Nicole Garcia, will enable teachers, teacher educators, and others to explore critical considerations about how to construct and support the shift to home-based school learning to avert exacerbating inequities, unintended negative impacts on children's learning and identities, and stresses on families during this difficult time. Grounded in respect and support for what children can learn at home, and how their school learning goals can be supported in home-based opportunities, the workshop will focus on concrete alternatives and possibilities for the current context, and also consider other common examples, such as homework or out-of-school projects.

Daily Schedule for Asynchronous Professional Learning Workshops

Before 11:00 A.M. EST 

Asynchronous activity: Viewing selected Elementary Mathematics Laboratory (EML) video

11:00 - 11:30 A.M. EST

Optional Synchronous Debrief

4:30 - 5:30 P.M. EST

Optional Meeting Time for Asynchronous Professional Learning Workshops

Please be sure to register using an email address linked to a Google account so that you can work on collaborative documents with colleagues.

Registration Payment Information 

No one who is unable to pay the registration fee will be turned away from joining the virtual summer institute. We know that solidarity requires collective action, and collective action requires that as many of us are on the ground working together to advance this work as possible. We do not want financial barriers to prevent anyone from accessing the program. If you need, please use promo code TWNEEDSU at checkout to register for free.