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Disrupting Patterns of Whiteness in Teaching and Teacher Education is a Course

Disrupting Patterns of Whiteness in Teaching and Teacher Education

Ended Aug 1, 2020

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Join Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Karen Ahn for a workshop that will support teachers and teacher educators who would like to move their practice to be deliberate about disrupting patterns of oppression and racism that permeate our systems of education and structures of schooling. Because teachers grow up in a society dominated by whiteness and their training is similarly rooted in that same dominance of whiteness, many practices are taken for granted as "normal"  and reinforced through the discretionary spaces of teaching. One way that teacher educators can support the disruption of these patterns is to teach candidates about larger patterns in society, to see their instantiation and perpetuation in everyday practices, to notice them in their own schools and teaching, and to learn new behaviors to replace these white ways of being and teaching. In this workshop, participants will:


  1. examine how their own identities and histories shape their practice and ways of seeing and being

  2. examine the ways that whiteness is embedded in schools and teaching

  3. examine their own teaching of candidates

  4. use the concept of "discretionary spaces" to support change in teaching practice

  5. try out tools and activities to support teachers to see these patterns in their own teaching

Meets daily from 12:00 - 2:00 P.M. EST on July 28 - 31, 2020

Please be sure to register using an email address linked to a Google account so that you can work on collaborative documents with colleagues.

Registration Payment Information 

No one who is unable to pay the registration fee will be turned away from joining the virtual summer institute. We know that solidarity requires collective action, and collective action requires that as many of us are on the ground working together to advance this work as possible. We do not want financial barriers to prevent anyone from accessing the program. If you need, please use promo code TWNEEDSU at checkout to register for free.